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Monthly Archives: May 2019


Workers’ Compensation Benefits Denied for Telecommuter Who Tripped Over Dog

By Michael Lawrence Varon, PLLC |

In the past, working involved going to a physical place of employment. In the past decade, however, more and more employers have granted the option to telecommute, which allows employees to work at home, a coffee shop or other location away from the office. While remote work offers many benefits for employees and employers… Read More »

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Blue Water Veterans Fighting for Benefits

By Michael Lawrence Varon, PLLC |

The Vietnam War lasted 20 years—from 1955 to 1975. During this time, thousands of veterans were exposed to Agent Orange, a toxic herbicide. One of Agent Orange’s active ingredients is a type of dioxin called TCDD. This is the most dangerous dioxin, and is considered a carcinogen. Short-term exposure can cause skin problems such… Read More »

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