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Be Wary Of Veterans Claims Coaches


It’s no secret that filing a claim for veterans benefits is a challenging task. With so much paperwork involved and talks of significant delays, many veterans simply give up on the process. They feel overwhelmed by the process and everything just seems too much when they’re already facing chronic medical conditions, pain, emotional distress, and other issues.

But these veterans find hope when they go on social media or see an advertisement elsewhere for a claims coach. These coaches claim to help with the paperwork and make a lot of promises, such as “happier, healthier, and wealthier lies.” Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s probably because it is.

One company, VA Claims Insider, has received numerous complaints from disgruntled veterans who forked over $10,000 or more for coaching. They thought they would get personalized assistance with the claims process so they can obtain compensation. Instead, they were influenced by fraud and car sales tactics.

One veteran paid $8,000 for just two hours of assistance. Another was charged $10,000 for six hours of coaching. This “coaching” consisted of pre-recorded sessions with 400 other people. That veteran, a 44-year-old man from Texas, refused to pay VA Insider. He tried to find a lawyer to sue the company, but was unsuccessful. Even when a collections agency came after him, he refused to pay the debt. He took a hit to his credit score, but felt it was worth it. Other veterans called the company and its tactics disorganized and “nothing short of a nightmare.”

Several agencies have been warned about this claim coach’s dishonest tactics. The attorney general’s office has received multiple complaints about VA Claims Insider. The Federal Trade Commission has gotten two dozen complaints. The Better Business Bureau has received more than 100 complaints. Clearly this business is not acting in the best interest of veterans. It is defrauding them and scamming them of their money, but nobody is doing much about it.

VA Insider claims it is an honest business. The company allegedly “operates well within the law” and is doing better today than ever before. Material from VA Claims Insider is consumed by 600,000 veterans each month. The company claims that 25,000 veterans have participated in its “paid membership programs” and most are satisfied customers.

Veterans should be wary of claim coaches. Instead, look for free assistance in your area or get help from a lawyer.

Learn More About Veterans Benefits

Navigating the maze of paperwork for veterans benefits can seem daunting. However, you should not pay thousands of dollars for information that can be easily found online.

If you are struggling to receive benefits and need a little help, a White Plains veterans disability benefits lawyer from The Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon can help. We don’t charge for initial consultations and only get paid if you win, so there’s nothing to lose. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 914-294-2145 or filling out the online form.



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