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White Plains Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You would never go to a chiropractor for an eye exam or to a dentist for knee pain. Likewise, you should never work with an attorney who does not routinely handle workers’ compensation claims for your work-related injury. Without experienced representation, you risk losing out on benefits or having your claim denied because of a technicality.

At the Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon, PLLC, we focus a significant portion of our practice on New York state workers’ compensation claims. White Plains workers’ compensation lawyer Michael Varon offers more than 20 years of legal experience to his clients and has a successful track record negotiating and litigating cases.

Breadth And Depth In Experience Handling New York Workers’ Comp Cases

One of the benefits in working with our firm is the breadth and depth of cases we’ve handled. Mr. Varon has handled everything from workplace accident claims to occupational diseases and repetitive trauma involving all types of injuries, from broken bones and back injuries to heart attacks and exposure to deadly toxins, resulting in lifelong disabilities. We also have significant experience handling denied workers’ comp claims and SSD claims resulting from on-the-job injuries.

From the initial steps of understanding the claims process, to explaining the types of benefits you are entitled to and how a lawyer will help your claim, the Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon, PLLC, is here to provide support and personalized legal counsel.

Staying Up-To-Date With Changing Laws

New York workers’ comp law continues to change, so it is important for your attorney to be familiar with the changing laws and how they might affect your case. Some of the most recent changes include:

  • In April 2007, the nature of the “permanent partial disability” radically changed, all but eliminating the prior system of “lifetime benefits” for workers who were permanently injured while in the course of their employment.
  • In December 2010, the Board instituted new “Medical Treatment Guidelines” to govern treatment rendered for the most common injuries suffered by recipients of workers’ compensation — those to the back, neck, shoulder and knee. In addition to severely controlling and limiting the types and duration of treatment, these new guidelines also retroactively stripped away the right to continued “symptomatic” treatment that had been granted to injured workers with permanent disabilities years before.

Based on these changes, there is no reason to believe that the continuous reforming of the workers’ comp system will end soon. We know how to adapt to these changes and make it a priority to stay updated with the changes as soon as they occur.

Your First Consultation Is Free — Contact Our White Plains Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Today

Please contact the team at the Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon, PLLC, to schedule your free consultation. Call 914-294-2145 or contact us online. Located in White Plains, we serve the surrounding communities, as well as New York City.

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