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Continuing Your Eligibility For Social Security Disability Benefits

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So you finally received your Social Security Disability benefits. The hard part is over—or so you think. Continuing eligibility on a month-by-month basis may be a challenging task, especially if the Social Security Administration (SSA) thinks your condition has improved but you still cannot work.

You will receive benefits as long as you are disabled, but how does the SSA know when you are no longer disabled? What will cause your benefits to end? Read on to learn about the SSA’s review process and when you may see your benefits end.

Case Review Guidelines

Sometimes medical conditions get better. Therefore, the SSA will check on you from time to time to make sure you are still truly disabled. Your case will be reviewed based on your degree of disability and expected improvement. If your medical condition is expected to improve, your case will be reviewed in 6–18 months. If it is “possible” that you could improve, your case will be reviewed in three years. If you are considered permanently disabled and not expected to improve, then your case will be reviewed in no sooner than seven years.

Gathering Information

The SSA will obtain information primarily from doctors and hospitals. They will look at your medical history and see what tests and treatments you are undergoing. They may also interview your doctor and ask specifics about your condition, such as how it limits your daily activities.

Usually, they will be able to gather enough information through this process alone. However, if there are some doubts about your disability, you may be asked to come in for a special exam.

The SSA will review this information, considering any new medical conditions or complications since your last review. If your condition has worsened or stayed the same, then you will continue to receive benefits. If your condition has improved to the point where you can work, you are no longer considered disabled and your benefits will end.

What Will Cause Your Benefits to End?

There are several situations that will cause your Social Security Disability benefits to end:

  • Your medical condition has improved.
  • You have already gone back to work.
  • You have received vocational training that allows you to work in a different field.
  • The SSA made a mistake and should not have approved you for benefits.
  • You gave false information.
  • You refuse to cooperate with the SSA.
  • You are not following your doctor’s recommended course of treatment.

Learn More About Maintaining Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits

Once you finally receive Social Security Disability benefits, you can lose them once your condition improves or you return to work. Your condition will be reviewed regularly, so you may not necessarily qualify for benefits for life.

If you are having trouble with your Social Security Disability application or have questions about eligibility, get help from the Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon. He has more than two decades of experience handling these types of claims and can help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Contact his office at 914-294-2145 to schedule a complimentary consultation.



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