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Guide To Workers’ Compensation Settlements


When you are injured in the workplace, you can often receive workers’ compensation benefits to help replace income. The average cost for a workplace illness or injury claims is $41,353. However, the amount you can expect to receive can vary, based on the cause of the injury, the cause of injury, and the affected part of the body.

Because of this, insurance companies and states use workers’ compensation settlement charts to determine how much victims should receive for their injuries. The amounts are also based on impairment ratings. These are determined by doctors, who will consider the effect of the injury on various aspects of daily life, such as communication, movement, independence, traveling, self-care, use of hands, and normal living functions. Impairment ratings range from 0-100, with 100% meaning a total loss. The impairment ratings are multiplied by the number of weeks you will be needing compensation. This result is then multiplied by a portion of your income to get your total compensation.

Impairment Ratings

Here is a look at some impairment ratings for various injuries:

  • Bone and joint deformity: 0-60%
  • Dislocation: 5-15%
  • Facial paralysis: up to 45%
  • Shoulder joint injuries: 0-100%
  • Pain or loss of sensation: 0-100%
  • Motor deficits: 0-100%
  • Respiratory impairment: 1-95%
  • Upper extremities: up to 60%
  • Lower extremities: up to 100%
  • Hands and fingers: up to 40%
  • Thumbs: up to 45%

Settlement Chart

If you suffer a complete loss of a body part (100% impairment), here’s a look at the number of weeks of compensation you can expect to receive:

  • Back: 300
  • Arm: 240
  • Hand: 200
  • Leg: 200
  • Foot: 144
  • Eye: 120
  • Thumb: 75
  • Index finger: 45
  • Middle finger: 40
  • Ring finger: 25
  • Pinky: 20
  • Big toe: 35
  • Other toes: 10

Average Payout

Based on the information above, what can you expect to receive for various injuries? Here are the average settlement amounts to keep in mind:

  • Mild head injury: $1,000 to $30,000
  • Moderate head injury: $30,000 to $60,000
  • Severe head injury: $60,000 and up
  • Neck injuries: $56,000 and up
  • Back injuries: $20,000 to $25,000
  • Mild eye injury: $1,000 to $23,000
  • Moderate eye injury: $23,000 to $48,000
  • Permanent vision loss: $48,000 and up
  • Mild knee and foot injuries: $1,000 to $23,000
  • Moderate knee and foot injuries: $23,000 to $60,000
  • Severe knee and foot injuries: $60,000 and up

The cause of the injury may also be a factor. For motor vehicle accidents, the average is $85,311. Burns garner $54,173, while the average payout for slips and falls is $48,575.

Contact Us for More Information About Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When you have been injured in the workplace, it’s important that you understand the possible settlements you can receive so that you get the payout you deserve.

Count on the The Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon to maximize your workers’ compensation settlement. See how a White Plains workers’ compensation lawyer can help you. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (914) 228-1770 or fill out the online form.



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