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Healthcare For LGBTQ+ Veterans


Veterans are offered many healthcare benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). One unique benefit of VA Albany is that employees are trained on how to coordinate care for LGBTQ+ veterans. The care coordinators are fully equipped to support the health, welfare, and dignity of these veterans and their families.

LGBTQ+ veterans face increased health risks and unique challenges in healthcare due to discrimination and stigma. Your VA providers in New York will work to provide you the best care possible. Your care team is there for you and is focused on promoting the health, welfare, and dignity of veterans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+), or a related identity.

VA Albany is committed to providing veterans with a safe and welcoming environment. They can provide you with high-quality healthcare services such as:

  • Mental health services, including psychosocial assessments and gender-confirming surgeries
  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy
  • Gender-affirming prosthetics
  • Creative arts therapies
  • Substance use/alcohol treatment
  • Tobacco use treatment
  • Heart health/whole health
  • Cancer screening, prevention, and treatment
  • Other prevention, screening, wellness, and testing services
  • Treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • Intimate partner violence reduction and treatment
  • Military sexual trauma screening and treatment
  • Suicide prevention services
  • Infertility

Care coordinators with Albany VA can also assist veterans with topics such as:

  • Advance directives. Veterans may designate any person as a decision-maker for care if they won’t be able to make these decisions themselves. Advance directive agents are chosen by the veteran.
  • Changing your name or sex identifier. Your name in your medical record should reflect your legal name. In addition, the sex in your medical record should reflect your self-identified gender.
  • All staff members must treat any information about a veteran’s gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior as confidential.
  • Gender-affirming surgery. Albany VA provides all medically necessary gender-affirming care to transgender veterans (except for gender-affirming surgeries). Gender-affirming procedures have been proven effective for mitigating suicidality, substance abuse, dysphoria, and other serious health conditions
  • Albany VA does not tolerate harassment or disrespect of any kind towards LGBTQ veterans.
  • Preferred pronouns. It is Albany VA policy to refer to LGBTQ veterans by their preferred gender pronoun.
  • Privacy of medical records. VA Albany maintains the confidentiality of information about sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and gender identity.

There are many resources for LGBTQ+ veterans who have faced challenges related to coming out. Also, if you are unsure about what services you are eligible for, a care coordinator at Albany VA can assist you.

Learn More About Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran who is part of the LGBTQ+ community, make sure you get the benefits you need so you can stay healthy and manage any chronic diseases.

LGBTQ+ veterans face increased health risks and unique challenges in healthcare. Get help getting the best care possible with assistance from a White Plains veterans disability benefits lawyer from The Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon. Schedule a free consultation with our office by calling 914-294-2145 or filling out the online form.



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