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Need Help With Veterans’ Benefits? There’s An App For That


Technology is quickly advancing. It’s easier than ever to get the information you seek by searching online. It seems like every product and service has an app or website you can use to get help. Veterans’ benefits are no exception.

If you’ve been struggling to get the benefits you need due to retirement or a disability, there’s an app that can help. The National Veterans Legal Services Program recently launched an app for Apple and Android users. It’s called NVLSP VA Benefit Identifier and can help veterans quickly find out which benefits they are entitled to receive and apply for them. You can then file claims and receive approval quickly.

The app is easy to use. It asks the users questions about their disabilities to determine if they are eligible to file for service-connected disability benefits or a non-service-connected disability pension. It then asks questions based on previous answers. The app addresses all the possible disabilities covered by the Veterans Administration (VA). Once you complete the questionnaire, you can email or print the results.

The app, which is free to download and use, is available in both English and Spanish. A support person is available should users come across any technical issues. It’s a good idea to have some information ready so you can easily answer the questions. Veterans should have DD Form 214 readily available, as well as their medical history and any previous VA communications.

NVLSP VA Benefit Identifier can be downloaded from the NVLSP website to smart devices with an internet connection. The app can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

What Happens Next?

Veterans have the opportunity to file for multiple health conditions, and the app helps in this regard. Users can see which conditions are granted and submit an “intent to file” form with the VA. A user can be approved for multiple claims. In the meantime, they will be given instructions on how to proceed with a formal claim.

It is recommended that, upon completion of the questionnaire, users meet with a veteran’s advocate who can help them with the next steps. Meeting with an advocate is free of charge.


The  NVLSP VA Benefit Identifier does have its limitations. It cannot assist with:

  • Claims already filed with the VA.
  • Claims for a higher rating for disabilities connected to military service.
  • Claims for disabilities resulting from VA health care, vocational rehabilitation or a Compensated Work Therapy program.

Contact Us for More Information About VA Benefits

It’s great that veterans can now use an app to see which benefits they can receive. This avoids the need to spend hours on the phone or time spent driving to find a representative who can help.

Apps cannot solve all benefits issues, though. Plus, some users are not comfortable with technology and prefer old-fashioned methods. Some cases are complex and therefore require legal help. Don’t get discouraged. Get the help you need from the Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon in White Plains. We can protect you and your family. Schedule a consultation by calling our office at 914-294-2145.



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