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Poor Outcomes for Those Waiting for Social Security Disability Benefits


Millions of Americans try to take advantage of the benefits that are available to them, such as Social Security Disability. This type of income can be a lifeline to those who have no income, but it doesn’t come easy. There are many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome, like any government program, Sadly, though, hundreds of thousands of people have died trying to obtain these benefits.

Social Security Disability benefits are available to Americans of all ages who are unable to work due to a severe physical or mental condition causing disability. However, the average applicant tends to be older and poorer. Many wait years to start collecting their benefits. It is a lengthy process that can take years.

In fact, between 2008 and 2019, almost 110,000 people died after they were denied benefits and waiting for an appeal. Those who don’t die face extreme financial struggles. Approximately 50,000 people filed for bankruptcy between 2014 and 2019 as they awaited benefits. Others suffer declining health and evictions. Some have their utilities shut off. They may become homeless.

While the backlog has decreased in recent years, it’s still not acceptable. In 2015, the average wait time for an appeal was a whopping 839 days—approximately 28 months, or more than two years. By 2019, that number decreased to 506 days, which is still nearly 17 months.

The backlog of appeals for Social Security Disability benefits increased significantly after the United States saw a recession in 2007. Despite making progress in recent years, it is expected that the coronavirus pandemic will cause the backlog to get worse due to the high levels of unemployment.

The key is to get an application approved the first time around. Only about 25% of first-time applications are approved. While applicants have the opportunity to appeal a denial, it can take some time to get an approval. However, those who do appeal have a good chance of success. Between 2008 to 2019, nearly half of appeals were approved.

These statistics show that Social Security Disability applicants need the know-how to complete applications thoroughly and accurately the first time. They can get help from a lawyer who has experience with these claims. There may be local resources as well. In any case, filing a claim in a timely manner is recommended, since they will not receive their benefits immediately. They have a good chance of getting benefits quicker if they can avoid the appeals process.

Learn More About Social Security Disability Benefits

While Social Security Disability benefits can be a lifeline to those who are disabled and unable to work, getting approval can be a nightmare. It’s a long, arduous process and sadly, many applicants die before they can receive their benefits.

The good news is that you don’t have to deal with this process alone. Get help from White Plains Social Security disability lawyer Michael Lawrence Varon. We will work aggressively to present your claim in the strongest way possible. Schedule a free consultation by calling 914-294-2145 or filling out the online form.





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