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VA Continues to Have Issues with GI Bill


We have all dealt with computer issues at some point or another. Maybe your desktop has experienced the blue screen of death. Maybe you couldn’t log into your work computer. Perhaps the cash register at your local supermarket experienced a glitch and needed to be shut down.

Computer issues can be frustrating, and not all are easy fixes. They can take a significant amount of time to repair. They can lead to delays that can affect someone in some way or another. In this case, veterans’ benefits are affected. Computer issues related to the GI Bill are causing veterans to experience costly delays.

For months now, veterans have not seen much happening in terms of receiving housing and tuition benefits for going back to school. Instead of getting benefits, many are seeing increased household costs as they struggle to pay for rent, tuition and other expenses. As a result, many veterans are confused and outraged.

The problems are happening thanks to changes to the Forever GI Bill that President Donald Trump signed in August 2017. One provision caps the total amount paid, while the other changes how housing payments are calculated. Some veterans were shortchanged on their benefit payments, while some were overpaid. Eventually, those who were underpaid will be paid back what they are owed. The lucky ones who were overpaid will not be penalized.

In the meantime, lawmakers are looking for answers. They need more information about the glitches that are occurring. Why are these issues happening and what does the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) plan to do about them? Congress needs the VA to become compliant, but it appears the computer systems are incapable of doing so.

Two Issues

In the past, there was no cap on housing allowances for veterans. There is now a cap in place, and some veterans are receiving lower or higher payments. The provision is to serve as a balance.

The other issue is calculating the actual monthly housing allowance. Calculations are supposed to be made based on the school’s ZIP code. This is to align better with students’ needs, given that the cost of living varies from place to place. This is also to prevent instances where students are being overpaid or underpaid.

As of November 30, 62,000 claims were still in need of processing. Most of those claims are expected to be processed in less than 30 days. Increased staffing has expedited the process in the past month.

Contact Us for More Information About VA Benefits

Sometimes there are computer glitches and other procedural issues that cause veterans to have their benefits delayed. This can cause financial issues as well as immense stress.

Veterans are entitled to the GI Bill and other benefits for fighting for their country. The Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon in White Plains can help you or your loved ones get the benefits you deserve. Learn more about the options and the processes involved. Call 914-294-2145 to schedule a consultation.



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