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What to Know About Social Security Disability Benefits During This Crisis


By now, you’re probably well aware that the entire world is dealing with a pandemic. COVID-19 has pretty much halted life for Americans, with residents forced to stay home to prevent spreading the deadly disease.

However, sickness or not, the bills don’t stop coming. We all need money to survive. With many workers getting laid off as businesses shut down, many are struggling. Unemployment benefits are an option. But what if you’re disabled? Will you still receive Social Security Disability checks? If you recently submitted a claim, will it still get processed?

There is good news for those who rely on their Social Security checks: you’ll still get paid. The Social Security Administration wants to let recipients know that they will still receive benefits as usual, whether they opt for physical checks in the mail or direct deposit. However, just like with everything else during these crazy times, some policies are changing. There is also some important information that recipients should know to ensure they do not become fraud victims.

Those who receive checks in the mail should not be concerned about getting coronavirus through their post office. It does not appear that the virus is transmitted through the postal system.

Recipients should be extra cautious during this time. Scammers tend to come out in full force when a crisis is going on. Don’t be fooled by callers telling you that your Social Security payments have stopped and you need to confirm your Social Security number, bank account number or other personal information. The Social Security Administration will never ask you for this information. While an agent may contact you via phone in some cases, you can confirm it is a real Social Security agent by asking for their number and extension and then calling them back.

Keep in mind you will not be able to visit a Social Security Administration office in person. All offices are closed at this time due to the coronavirus outbreak. All face-to-face services are suspended until further notice. If you need help, you can find many online services on the Social Security Administration website. You can also call for help.

Claims are still being processed during this time, with the most serious conditions being prioritized. If you are in dire need of payment, let the Social Security Administration know. They may be able to quickly process payments for those who are or about to be homeless. Also, if your benefits have been suspended, they may be able to be reinstated during this critical time.

Medical continuing disability reviews will pause during this time. In addition, overpayments will not be collected or processed right now.

Learn More About Social Security Disability Benefits

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is very difficult. There are often many hoops that an applicant must go through, and this law will make approval even harder, especially for those who can’t speak English.

Those who apply for these benefits often have no other sources of income and need immediate assistance. Get the help you need from White Plains Social Security disability lawyer Michael Lawrence Varon. To schedule a free consultation, call the office at 914-294-2145.





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