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What Will Veterans Get in $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package?


COVID-19 has been ravaging the nation and entire world, for that matter. So far, there have been more than 660,000 confirmed cases and nearly 31,000 deaths—and that number is growing on a  daily basis. This virus is wreaking havoc, forcing businesses and even schools to shut down as we get it under control.

Americans are losing their jobs, and unemployment claims now top 3.3 million. Fortunately, some relief is on the way. Americans will be getting stimulus checks, with most getting $1,200, plus $500 per minor child.

The stimulus package also includes some funding for veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs will receive $19.57 billion from the federal government. The money will be used to ensure veterans are receiving proper care as we get through this pandemic. The goal of this bill is to help vulnerable veterans, particularly those who are homeless and most susceptible to contracting the coronavirus.

Nearly $16 billion will go to the Veterans Health Administration. The agency will use the money to help treat veterans who contract the coronavirus. So far, at least 296 veterans have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and four have died. These veterans will be able to receive appropriate care at urgent care clinics, emergency rooms and VA hospitals. The money will also be used for staff wages, test kits, personal protective equipment and other supplies.

Another $3.1 billion will go toward building infrastructures to help care for very ill veterans. The money will be used to remodel existing buildings and equip and staff mobile treatment centers and temporary hospitals. The money will also be used to improve telemedicine technology. Many routine medical appointments will be moved to virtual appointments during this time, so both the veterans and the facilities will need optimal internet access. The bill will pay for this as well as remote mental health counseling.

The bill will also provide other benefits for veterans and medical staff. Salary caps will be lifted for workers to ensure they get paid for all time worked. Home health care workers will be given personal protective equipment and other necessary equipment to protect themselves and veterans. Veterans with limb loss will be able to see a community provider for help with their prosthetics. The VA has the option to provide pensions or other sources of income to veterans and family members. The bill will temporarily eliminate some restrictions for accessing VA health services, such as telephone enrollment and waivers and renewals for late paperwork.

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Veterans sacrifice their lives for our country and it’s important that they receive the benefits they deserve. This coronavirus relief bill should help veterans get the medical care they need during these challenging times.

Trying to get money from the government can be frustrating right now. People are dying every day from COVID-19. Businesses are shut down. Claims are backed up. Let White Plains veterans benefits lawyer Michael Lawrence Varon help you with your claim or any other issues you may have with veterans benefits. Call 914-294-2145 and schedule a consultation today.





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