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Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Surgery: What To Expect


If you get injured while on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits pay for medical bills and lost wages. If you end up requiring surgery, you will receive a workers’ compensation settlement. The amount you will receive can vary dramatically, though, depending on the severity of the injury and the type of surgical procedure.

While you will likely receive ongoing payments from the insurance company, in some cases you may receive a settlement. You may receive a lump sum from the insurer to pay for the expenses you incur due to the injury. Once you receive a settlement, you give up your right to further claims, so you’ll want to ensure you get an adequate amount of money the first time around.

Workers’ compensation covers surgeries and other procedures that are necessary to treat the injuries you suffered in the workplace accident. Some common surgeries include:

  • Carpal tunnel surgery
  • Surgery for brain injuries
  • Treatment for burn injuries
  • Knee surgery
  • Surgery for bone fractures
  • Spinal fusion

However, determining the average amount of compensation you could receive in a settlement is difficult. In 2016, the average settlement amount was $21,800. This will depend on your specific case, though. You may get a few thousand dollars or perhaps you’ll receive a few million.

The answer is not cut and dry because your benefits will depend on the injury and the recommended treatment. For example, some fractures are minor and will heal after a few weeks with just a cast. When a bone is broken in multiple places, though, it may need pins, screws, and/or plates, which can be more costly and require a longer recovery. A back injury may require spinal fusion surgery, which can cost six figures. So the various surgical procedures can vary dramatically.

Therefore, before you agree to a settlement, you’ll want to discuss your treatment thoroughly with your doctor. Make sure you understand what future treatment you will need. At a minimum, your settlement should pay for the following:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future loss of wages.
  • Scheduled losses or specific loss benefits (if you suffer an amputation or other permanent injuries)

Again, you want to make sure your payout from the insurance company will be enough, as this will be your only chance to get the compensation you deserve. You won’t be able to obtain additional compensation at a later date.

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When it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, there is no simple answer as to how much you will receive. This can vary, depending on the type of injury and its severity.

Don’t leave your compensation to chance. Get the benefits you deserve from a White Plains workers’ compensation lawyer from The Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon. Client commitment is our priority. To schedule a free initial consultation, fill out the online form or call (914) 228-1770.



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