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Monthly Archives: September 2019


Get the Most Money From Social Security Disability

By Michael Lawrence Varon, PLLC |

A disability can affect someone at any age. While injuries and medical issues are more likely to occur as someone gets older, even younger adults in their 20s and 30s can suffer life-changing disabilities. In fact, 25% of adult Americans suffer from some sort of disability. While some people can continue to work and… Read More »

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New York Expands Workers’ Compensation Program to Allow Additional Provider Types

By Michael Lawrence Varon, PLLC |

Workers’ compensation laws can be difficult to understand. Each state has different laws, so what is allowed in some states may be banned in others. For example, in New York, only certain doctors—physicians, psychologists, chiropractors and podiatrists—were once allowed to provide medical care to injured workers. That will change once the new year hits…. Read More »

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