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Social Security Disability as Income Protection


Millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The past few months have shown that losing a steady paycheck for a month or longer can have serious effects. Most people live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings to help them.

The same thing can happen when a person becomes disabled due to a health condition or injury. A disability can make it so a person is unable to work and earn income. This can be devastating when a person is the sole provider of their family. They may be concerned about their future. The good news is that Social Security Disability benefits can help during this difficult time.

Many workers are unaware of how disability insurance can help them or even if they qualify for it. In the United States, more than 60 million people suffer from disabilities. Many of these people are unable to work, but they are able to pay their bills thanks to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

SSDI is an income replacement program for those who have a health condition or injury that is supposed to either last one year or longer or result in death (such as cancer). Currently, 8.5 million Americans receive these benefits, with 2 million applying each year. The average payment is $1,258 per month.

SSDI provides financial stability and helps those who are disabled return to work thanks to the Ticket to Work program. This program uses networks to help disabled people find a job in their previous profession. If a person cannot return to their prior career, the network can help the person find a job that suits their interests and limitations. Disabled people can seek reasonable accommodations from employers to help them with their disabilities. Some examples include screen-reading software, a flexible schedule and even remote work. These changes can help workers stay productive despite their limitations.

While the SSDI program offers many benefits, the application process is not easy. Only 37% of applicants are approved the first time. There are local organizations that can help you with your application so you are successfully approved the first time around, but your best bet is to hire a lawyer who understands the process and has dealt with numerous SSDI claims.

While you may want to continue working, it’s good to know that SSDI benefits are there for you if you need them. You probably don’t have a long-term disability plan, so consider SSDI if you expect to be disabled for an extended period of time.

Learn More About Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits can be a lifeline to those who cannot work due to a serious health condition. Make sure you have this income protection in place.

Learn more about Social Security Disability benefits and how they can help you. White Plains Social Security disability lawyer Michael Lawrence Varon can help you see what benefits are available to you. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 914-294-2145 or filling out the online form.





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