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Tightened Eligibility Requirements for Social Security Disability Benefits

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Changes are on the way for recipients of Social Security disability benefits, as well as those who are disabled and considering applying for these benefits. President Donald Trump is looking for ways to lower federal spending, and cutting disability benefits is one of these ways.

Currently, more than 8.5 million Americans receive Social Security Disability benefits. That number is expected to drop in the coming years, however. The Trump Administration is looking to narrow down the pool of eligible recipients based on factors such as work experience, education and age.

The proposal to tighten benefits will look at factors such as the changes in the country’s demographics and economy in the past few decades. For example, mining and factory work is not prevalent as it once was. Also, Americans have more education than ever before. Today, many work in schools and hospitals.

The Trump Administration also wants to enforce stricter requirements for food stamps. Americans are not encouraged to get a job when it’s so easy to receive these food stamps. Therefore, the White House is looking to tighten these rules as well so that recipients have no choice but to look for work.

Under current Social Security Administration procedures, those who apply for disability benefits must have a medical condition that is considered an impairment by the agency. If the applicant does not meet that standard, they can still qualify based on age. However, if the new rules are passed, age will not play as much of a role in the future. Therefore, if a person’s condition is not included on the impairment list, then they may be out of luck.

Also, the proposal would provide for many more reviews. In fact, the Social Security Administration would be required to perform millions more reviews. Of those, hundreds of thousands of people would have these reviews on a more frequent basis, as the proposal would allow for the addition of another review category. This means cases could be reviewed every two years.

Some are concerned about this proposed rule. The process for applying for these benefits is complicated enough. The process can take many years, from application submission to approval. In addition, those who are subject to review will be unfamiliar with the process. They may not say the right things or have the right documentation. As a result, they may end up losing their benefits even if their medical condition is not improving. The public is invited to submit comments on the proposal until January 31.

Learn More About Social Security Disability Benefits

If you think getting Social Security Disability benefits is difficult now, things are about to get even harder. Stricter eligibility requirements will make it even more challenging for disabled Americans to get benefits.

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