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Temp or Freelance Worker? Don’t Overlook Social Security Disability Benefits

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With the rise of the gig economy, more and more people are foregoing permanent, full-time employment and instead relying on a freelance, contingent job (or multiple jobs) to pay the bills. With this comes a lack of security. Temporary workers are often not as treated as well as permanent employees. They lack health benefits, vacation time, sick leave and other perks.

However, being a temp or contingent worker is not all bad. Many work from home on their own schedule. They get to work in their pajamas, take unlimited coffee breaks and avoid commuting, saving them time and money. They are also eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Many believe that these benefits are reserved only for those in traditional jobs, but anyone who works can benefit from this source of income in the event of a disability. However, temp workers, particularly those near retirement age, are less likely to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

While the difference is just 2.2%, this is huge considering that only 8% of workers between the ages of 50 and 64 years old apply for disability. Approval for benefits is low among contingent workers. They are 33% less likely to be approved when compared to workers who have never worked freelance or temporary jobs. They also earn, on average, $150 less per month. That’s because contingent workers also earn less than other workers.

These statistics are surprising to experts, who were under the impression that freelance workers were actually more likely to file for disability. Many struggle with work and have gaps in their employment due to health issues. Since contingent workers are not usually attached to the workforce, it was expected that they would file for SSDI at higher rates. That was not the case.

This is likely because traditional workers are more savvy about the types of benefits they qualify for. Freelance employers do not often discuss benefit programs with workers. As such, freelancers are not always aware that they can take advantage of these monthly payments if they become severely injured to the point where they cannot work.

It is important that they look into Social Security Disability benefits, particularly since lower-income households are most affected by disability. In addition, mental health issues are becoming more prevalent, affecting people of all income levels.

Workers should know that SSDI is available up until their full retirement age, which is 66 or 67 years old. While they are waiting for approval, they can collect their retirement benefit.

Learn More About Social Security Disability Benefits 

Social Security Disability benefits are not just for permanent workers. Any worker who is disabled can apply and hopefully receive the benefits they deserve.

It is often difficult for temporary or freelance workers to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits. It is crucial that you get the help you need so you can avoid delays. The Law Office of Michael Lawrence Varon in White Plains can assist you during your time of financial need. White Plains Social Security disability lawyer Michael Lawrence Varon has the skills and knowledge needed to handle your claim. Call his office at 914-294-2145 to schedule a free consultation.




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