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Veterans Benefits Protected During Coronavirus Outbreak


The coronavirus is affecting New Yorkers in various ways. All shows and gatherings in the state have been cancelled. Schools are shut down. Even colleges and universities are shut down, forcing students to take classes remotely.

Veterans who are attending in-person classes and are now transitioning to remote classes may be wondering how their GI Bill benefits are affected. Will they still get their full benefits? Will they face cuts now that their education has changed due to COVID-19?

There is good news on the horizon. On March 11, lawmakers introduced legislation that would allow veterans who are using the GI Bill to further their education to continue receiving full benefits. Even as the threat of coronavirus closes schools and forces educators to move classes online, veterans’ GI Bill benefits will remain unaffected. Veterans can continue with their education, no matter where they are studying.

Veterans were concerned because the GI Bill determines benefits based on whether a veteran attends classes in person or online. With more and more colleges and universities closing down campuses due to the COVID-19 national emergency, veterans were concerned that the transition would cause their benefits to get reduced or lost altogether.

The new bill would prevent this from happening. According to Senate Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jerry Moran, who is sponsoring the legislation, student veterans who are using their GI Bill benefits to attend college should not be penalized for something beyond their control.  Many colleges across the country are being forced to shut down and it is important that this bill be passed immediately so that veterans still receive benefits. Education benefits everyone, and once veterans are no longer serving their country, they need the opportunity to pursue a college degree so they can become successful once they have returned to civilian life.

What is going on is no ordinary situation. The health and safety of all citizens, including veterans, should be of utmost importance during this time. Veterans fought for their country’s freedom and should not have their benefits stripped from them simply because they are studying online rather than in person.

This bipartisan bill is a common sense move that nobody should oppose. Schools that have been shut down due to COVID-19 will be given the resources they need to continue serving students as usual. This will allow veterans to continue with their education despite the emergency situation that the country is currently facing.

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The epidemic has affected people in various ways. Veterans may be concerned about their GI Bill and other benefits during this time. Fortunately, lawmakers are concerned as well and are doing what they can to ensure that veterans don’t lose their hard-earned benefits.

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